We knew that we wanted some type of livestock on our land.  We considered alpacas, llamas, or horses, to name a few.  One day, John saw a picture of a young bull for sale on Craig's List.  We were immediately hooked when we saw the picture, and put our fence-building project in overdrive, and we brought little Chet home to live on our farm in October, 2015.  When Chet was born, the farmer had to rescue him soon after his birth.  In doing so, the farmer's scent made the mother think Chet was not hers, and so she rejected him.  Chet was bottle fed until he was about 8 months old.  Since he was bottle fed, he is very friendly toward humans.  In fact, he is like a large dog.  Chet will always have a special place in our hearts and is the cornerstone of Buck and Bull Cattle Ranch.


We decided to expand our herd, and acquired Rosie (pictured right) and Maggie from a local miniature Hereford farmer.  Rosie, whose official registered name is Disco Rose, is easily identified by the brown patches around both eyes.  


If you have a bull, you need a heifer.  We decided Chet needed a friend, so we acquired Prissy from Illinois around February  of 2016. She was terrified when we brought her here, and we had quite a difficult time getting her off the truck.  It was her first time being away from her mother and other family.  She was a very sad cow for a while, and the first night here she mooed the entire night.  It has taken about a year, but now Prissy is a very contented cow, and will almost eat of your hand.  

Maggie, whose registered name is Magnolia, is the matriarch of our ranch. She is 7 years old, as of 2017, and has had several calves.  When she came to live here, she had been bred via artificial insemination with a champion bull.  Her calf was born the day before Thanksgiving, 2016, thus we decided to name her Gracie.   Maggie loves feeding time more than anything else.  She will push away the other cows to get closer to the dinner bowl. She may not be a bull, but she is a bit of a bully. (Pictured on the left is baby Gracie with her mother, Maggie.)  

Gracie, pictured on the right and above in an earlier picture, was the first calf born on the Buck and Bull Cattle Ranch.  We came home from work and Gracie had appeared!  We were excited but scared of the coyotes that sometimes roam the area.  She stood on her wobby legs and walked on the very first day she was born. Her mom, Maggie, is an exceptional mother, taking great care of her daily.  We hear Maggie "moo" instructions to Gracie periodically, and Gracie quickly falls in line, and generally stays close to her mother.  Gracie is very vocal and is quite a "moo-er" herself.

Chet as a baby on the left and below as a full grown bull.

Farmer John loves auctions and recently bought and restored this old Sinclair gas pump.  He enjoys farms projects and playing his trumpet. Teresa loves the cows and photography and takes lots of photos at every opportunity.  

Our cattle eat pelletized beef feed, typically twice a day, purchased from the local co-op.  They graze on grass, but their favorite is hay or alfalfa treats.    Pictured above is our recent "grocery run" for their winter food, purchased from a local farm.  This is as fresh as we can get, just seconds removed from the hay baler.