Thanks so much to Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment for replacing our mineral feeder after Chet, the bull, damaged the last one!  This is not only the best way to ensure the cattle have the proper minerals they need, but also a fun toy. 

Tarter is a  company that stands by their products. Visit them at

 Benefits of Herefords

*  Easy to handle
*  Effective food conversion
*  Mature up to 20% earlier
*  Very docile
*  Quality beef
*  Miniatures retain the great traits of the breed
*  Make great pets
*  Good animals for children for 4H or FFA 

Registered Miniature Herefords

Hereford cattle are a beef cattle breed.  The only difference between a Hereford and a Miniature Hereford is the height and weight, the Miniature has the same body profile in terms of proportion as a full sized Hereford. A Miniature Hereford averages around 42-45 inches in height and weighs between 600 and 1000 lbs.  They are registered with the American Hereford Association.